Past Festival Winners

A complete list of all 1st place festival winners of the 3 Act West Clare Drama Festival from 1962 till now. You can click on the columns of the table to sort the rows or use the search to find all the details you are looking for.

2017Rabbit HoleSliabh Aughty Drama Groupconfined
2017The Cripple of InishmaanCorofin Dramatic Societyopen
2016ProofCompantas Lirconfined
2016Run For Your Wife Kilmeen Drama Groupopen
2015The PriceDoonbeg Drama Groupconfined
2015Death and the MaidenKilmeen Drama Groupopen
2014UnforgivenSliabh Aughty Drama Groupconfined
2014A View from the BridgeThurles Drama Groupopen
2013The Way You Look TonightCompántas Lirconfined
2013All My SonsThurles Drama Groupopen
2012The Subject was RosesCorofin Dramatic Societyopen
2012The WeirDoonbeg Drama Groupconfined
2011A Whistle in the DarkKilmeen Drama Groupopen
2011Say CheeseDoonbeg Drama Groupconfined
2010The Playboy of the Western WorldEnnis Playersopen
2010Big MaggieDoonbeg Drama Groupconfined
2009The Honey SpikeDoonbeg Drama Groupconfined
2009The Kings of Kilburn High RoadKilmeen Drama Groupopen
2008The Cripple of InishmaanKilmeen Drama Groupopen
2008The Beauty Queen of LeenaneCrofin Dramatic Societyconfined
2007The Rain MakerAnvil Playersopen
2007Too Close to HomeKildysart Playersconfined
2006Many Young Men of TwentyDoonbeg Drama Groupconfined
2006A Crucial Week in the Life of a Grocer's AssistantKilmeen Drama Groupopen
2005Red Roses & PetrolDoonbeg Drama Groupconfined
2005HarveyKATS - Galwayopen
2004Cash on DeliveryBrideview Drama, Tallowconfined
2004All My SonsKilmeen Drama Groupopen
2003The HouseKilmeen Drama Groupopen
2003Dancing at LughnasaBrideview Drama, Tallowconfined
2002The Memory of WaterTorch Players, Limerickopen
2002SiveAmphitheatre Company, Kilkeeconfined
2001Big MaggieCastlewood Playersconfined
2000The Bog of CatsKilmeen Drama Groupopen
2000God's GentryDoonbeg Drama Groupconfined
1999The FieldDoonbeg Drama Groupconfined
1999Out of OrderBallyduff Drama Groupopen
1998Flight to Grosse IsleNenagh Playersconfined
1998The Effect of Gamma Rays on ManTorch Players, Limerickopen
1997The Glass MenagerieTorch Players, Limerickopen
1997AristocratsTulla Drama Groupconfined
1996I Do Not Like Thee Dr FellSliabh Aughty Drama Groupconfined
1996A View from the BridgeTorch Players, Limerickopen
1995Many Young Men of TwentyDoonbeg Drama Groupconfined
1995Last Apache ReunionTorch Players, Limerickopen
1994The Highest House on the MountainSliabh Aughty Drama Groupconfined
1994CanariesTorch Players, Limerickopen
1993Same Old MoonKilkee Drama Groupconfined
1993CarthaginiansTuam Theatre Guildopen
1992DaTorch Players, Limerickopen
1992AristocratsCompántas Lirconfined
1991SiveDoonbeg Drama Groupconfined
1991The Gigli ConcertGlenside Theatre Guildopen
1990Conversations on a HomecomingPhoenix Players, Tubbercurryopen
1990The Bed Before YesterdayEnnis Playersconfined
1989The Loves of Cass MaguireBrewery Lane Theatre Guildopen
1989Agnes of GodIcarus Drama Groupconfined
1988The Highest House on the MountainKilmeen Drama Groupopen
1988DeathtrapEnnis Playersconfined
1987Crimes of the HeartBrewery Lane Theatre Guildopen
1987The Communication CordKilmihil Drama Groupconfined
1986The Imaginary InvalidTuam Theatre Guildopen
1986As Long As They're Happy Ennis Playersconfined
1985Philadelphia Here I ComeCorofin Drama Groupconfined
1985The Honey SpikeKilmeen Drama Groupopen
1984Many Young Men of TwentyDoonbeg Drama Groupconfined
1984FamineTuam Theatre Guildopen
1983LoversHoly Cross Drama Groupconfined
1983Come Blow Your HornScariff Drama Groupopen
1982I Do Not Like Thee Dr FellKilruane Drama Groupconfined
1982A View from the BridgeBallyduff Drama Groupopen
1981One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestBallyduff Drama Groupconfined
1981Johnny BelindaKilmeen Drama Groupopen
1980On TrialBallyduff Drama Groupconfined
1980Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Dundalk Drama Groupopen
1979The Crucible Carrick-on-Suir Drama Groupopen
1979DaKilmeen Drama Grouprural
1978Philadelphia Here I ComeCarrick-on-Suir Drama Groupopen
1978The Honey SpikeKilmeen Drama Grouprural
1977A Man For All SeasonsScariff Drama Grouprural
1977The Sanctuary LampTuam Theatre Guildopen
1976The Righteous are BoldPioneer Players, Corofinrural
1976Juno and the PaycockCarrick-on-Suir Drama Groupopen
1975Murder in the CathedralHolycross Drama Grouprural
1975Ladies in RetirementCarrick-on-Suir Drama Groupopen
1974The VeilHolycross Drama Grouprural
1974The Honey SpikeCarrick-on-Suir Drama Groupopen
1973Patrick Pearse MotelKilruane Drama Grouprural
1973The Loves of Cass MaguireCarrick-on-Suir Drama Groupopen
1972The Plough and the StarsAthenry Drama Groupwinner
1972Biddy Bramble's BundleRathmore Drama Grouprunner up
1971Johnny BelindaIcarus Drama Grouprunner up
1971The Importance of Being EarnestAthenry Drama Groupwinner
1970Big MaggieCorofin Drama Groupwinner
1970Big Maggie Kilrush Drama Grouprunner up
1969Thy Dear FatherAthenry Playerswinner
1969Juno and the PaycockKilrush Drama Grouprunner up
1968Lovers' MeetingFergus Drama Groupwinner
1968The CallScariff Vocational Playersrunner up
1967The FieldDoonbeg Drama Groupwinner
1967Professor TimFergus Drama Grouprunner up
1966The Shadow of a GunmanKilrush Drama Groupwinner
1966Anyone Could Rob a BankFreemount Drama Group, Corkrunner up
1965Journey's EndKilrush Drama Grouprunner up
1965The Far Off Hills Murroe Drama Groupwinner
1964The Year of the HikerFergus Drama Groupwinner
1964The Whip HandEnnistymon Drama Grouprunner up
1963Autumn FireMurroe Drama Grouprunner up
1963Many Young Men of TwentyFergus Drama Groupwinner
1962Autumn FireCooraclare Drama Grouprunner up
1962Home is the HeroKilkee Drama Groupwinner