A View from the Bridge

  • date Friday, 7 March, 2014
  • group Thurles Drama Group
  • author Arthur Miller
  • category Open
  • age suitable for children

Eddie Carbone is an Italian American longshoreman living with his wife Beatrice and her orphaned niece Catherine.  The family live in a community of Red Hook.  Eddie is protective and kind to Catherine in Act 1 of the play however, his feelings develop into something much stronger as the play progresses.  Beatrice has two cousins Marco and Rodolpho who enter the country as illegal immigrants from Italy hoping for a better life in America. Marco has a wife and children in Italy, while Rodolpho is in his late 20s, blonde, fair skinned and unattached.  Marco and Rodolpho arrive and stay with the family and Catherine soon begins a relationship with Rodolpho.

Eddie sets out to highlight Rodolpho’s flaws to Catherine.  He complains that Rololpho is ‘not right’ and ‘weird’ alluding to Rodolpho’s effeminate qualities such as singing and cooking.  Catherine decides to marry Rodolpho and Eddie begs his acquaintance Alfieri to help him.  Alfieri is a lawyer and also the narrator of the play. Eddie learns that the only way the law can help him is if he does the ‘unthinkable’ and informs the Immigration Bureau of the presence of the two illegal immigrants.

In the second Act, Eddie sees Rodolpho leaving the bedroom with Catherine.  He then approaches his lawyer friend Alfieri for the second time.  Even though Alfieri advises him to let things be, Eddie informs on the immigrants by contacting the Immigration Bureau.  On his return, Eddie learns that Catherine and Rololpho have become engaged while Beatrice informs him that two other illegal immigrants have moved into the upstairs apartment.  The Immigration Officers arrive and arrest the four immigrants.  The play ends with a fight between Eddie and Marco which takes place in the street with friends and family watching.  Eddie is stabbed by Marco and dies as the curtain falls, calling out to Beatrice.

Thurles Drama Group

Thurles Drama Group was founded in 1967 and presents an Autumn play, a festival production in Spring and a Soirée of theatre excerpts in May annually.  The group has reached the All Ireland open finals in Athlone on several occasions: ‘Prisoner of Second Avenue’ by Neil Simon in 1988, ‘Someone who’ll watch over me’ by Frank McGuinness in 1997, ‘Faith Healer’ by Brian Friel in 1998, ‘The Enemy Within’ by Brian Friel in 2003, ‘The Seafarer’ by Conor McPherson in 2013 and ‘All my Sons’ by Arthur Miller in 2013.  Thurles Drama Group won the confined All Ireland in 1988.