Abigail’s Party

  • date Saturday, 17 March, 2018
  • group Skibbereen Theatre Society
  • author Mike Leigh
  • category Confined
  • age suitable for children

Beverley and Laurence are entertaining their new neighbours.  A drink-fuelled party ensues with some unexpected and rather shocking consequences.

Set in 1970’s England, Abigail’s Party is a suburban comedy of manners, and a satire on the aspirations and tastes of the new middle class that emerged at the time.

Skibbereen Theatre Society

Having “rested” in 2017 (during which they presented three plays on home ground!), Skibbereen Theatre Society is back on the Festival Circuit for 2018.  Twice runners-up in the All Ireland Confined Finals, and regular qualifiers, they are hoping that Abigail’s Party will put then in line for more honours in 2018.