Last Tango in Doonbeg

  • date Saturday, 11 November, 2017
  • group Doonbeg Drama Group
  • author David Tristram
  • category Confined
  • age suitable for children

Doonbeg Drama Group is in trouble.  The membership has dwindled to four – the audiences aren’t much bigger – and if they don’t come up with some rent money soon, they’re going to be thrown out.  “There’s only one thing that sells tickets these days “, argues Gordon the Chairman.  “Sex!”

Thus begins the chaotic and hilarious build-up to an evening of extraordinary homegrown drama – an evening the locals would never forget.

Doonbeg Drama Group

Doonbeg Drama Group has been competing on the One Act circuit since 2013.  Previous productions include Uncle Pat by Thomas King Moylan, What’s for Pudding? By David Tristram and Babysitting Calvin by John H Newmeir.

The group has competed on the Three Act circuit since 1990, and were crowned All Ireland  Confined Champions earlier this year in Tubbercurry.