Many Young Men of Twenty

  • date Sunday, 9 March, 2014
  • group Cloonacool Players
  • author John B. Keane
  • category Confined
  • age adults only

Many Young Men of Twenty, is a heart-wrenching and sometimes heart-warming look at emigration.

In the play, the scene is transposed to a back room of a public house whose clientele consists of those arriving from or departing for England. The stories of the characters are bound up in all who pass in and out of or who work in the pub.

Featuring live music throughout, by the end of the play one thing is clear, ‘there is nothing left in this country anymore; for young or old’.  When ‘Danger’ Mulally realises that he too must leave this country, he pours his wrath on politicians, bankers, developers, and all those who have brought the country to such a sorry state.  The story may have taken place in the early sixties but its theme has frighteningly contemporary resonance.

Cloonacool Players

Cloonacool village is situated in a scenic rural area at the foot of the Ox Mountains in Co Sligo twenty miles south of Sligo town.  The “Cloonacool Players” were formed far back into the 1950’s and performed in local halls around the area for many years.  After a lapse of a few years the group was reformed in the mid 80s and have provided entertainment on an annual basis in Cloonacool and surrounding areas.