The Field

  • date Monday, 6 March, 2017
  • group Amphitheatre Company, Kilkee
  • author John B. Keane
  • category Confined
  • age suitable for children

To the Bull McCabe, land is life.  He has 19 acres but no passage to water which he needs for survival.  For the past 5 years he has rented a field from the Widow Butler which is bordering a river and is the passage he craves.  When she decides to sell, the Bull feels that he, and he alone, has a right to the field and it should be his.  When an outsider puts in a higher bid, the Bull takes the law into his own hands with tragic consequences.

Amphitheatre Company, Kilkee

Amphitheatre Company were formed in 2000 and perform annually on both the 1 Act and Full Length Drama festival circuits.  In 2015 they reached the All Ireland 1 Act Finals in Galway.