The Push Cart Peddlars

  • date Sunday, 12 November, 2017
  • group Shannonside Drama Group
  • author Murray Schisgal
  • category Confined
  • age suitable for children

Shimmel arrives in New York, fresh off the boat from the old country.  He meets his ‘neighbour’ and this begins his education of life in the free country.

Shannonside Drama Group

Shannonside Drama Group, based in Clonlara, Co. Clare, was co-founded by Eddie Dillon & Noel Galvin in 2004.  They have competed on the One Act circuit many time since then and won the All-Ireland Confined Section in 2010 with Harold Pinter’s, “Landscape”.  More recently, in 2015, Shannonside Drama group competed in the Full Length drama circuit with Jimmy Murphy’s “Kings of the Kilburn High Road”.  Other productions include, “Many Young Men of Twenty”, “A Wakw in the West”, “Betwixt and Between” and “Babysitting Calvin” to name but a few.  They also hosted Clan Na Gael Players from Fairfield, Connecticut in October 2016, where both groups entertained audiences for a weekend of culture in Clonlara.