The Salvage Shop

  • date Tuesday, 10 March, 2015
  • group Sliabh Aughty Drama Group
  • author Jim Nolan
  • category Confined
  • age suitable for children

Sylvester (Sylvie) Tansey, owner of The Salvage Shop, is a strict taskmaster who demands loyalty from family, friends and the small brass band he conducts in the small seaside town of Garris.

In his twilight years and in failing health, the maestro is left with his unfulfilled dreams and the bitter memories of failure and betrayal, while his son Eddie craves forgiveness and reconciliation from the stubborn intransigent old bandmaster.

Essentially, this is a play about personal failure and the possibility of redemption, with music playing a crucial role, whether it’s the music of the band or the beautiful haunting arias of the great Pavarotti – it will make you laugh, cry and cheer in equal measure.

Sliabh Aughty Drama Group

Sliabh Aughty Drama Group was founded in 1989.  Having enjoyed considerable success in its early years, the group returned to the festival circuit in 2004 following a break.  Recent productions include “The Lonesome West”, “Moonshine”, and “Unforgiven”.  2012 has been the group’s most successful season in recent years, earning them a place in the Confined All-Ireland Finals in Shercock with their production of “Thy Will Be Done”.