The Valiant

  • date Saturday, 15 November, 2014
  • group Kilmeen Drama Group
  • author Holworthy Hall, Robert Middlemass & Christopher Morley
  • category Open
  • age suitable for children

The valiant

James Dyke is on death row convicted of murder, it’s just hours to go to his execution and despite several attempts from the Warden and Fr Daly to find out his true identity he remains calm insisting he is James Dyke. However at the last minute a girl arrives calming she is his sister.

Kilmeen Drama Group

Kilmeen Drama group is situated in west Cork, one of the longest established groups in the country, founded in 1954.  The group has regularly competed in the 3 act and one act festival circuit.  Kilmeen have qualified for the All Ireland finals in Athlone on numerous occasions winning the coveted All Ireland title on four occasions.  In 2011 Kilmeen became the first group in Irish  amateur drama history to win both 3 act and one act All Ireland’s in the same year.
Following the historic 3 in a row RTE All Ireland win, the group had the privilege of performing in the Abbey Theatre. The group has just returned from a tour of New York and Pensilvania where they preformed  “the Playboy of the Western World” to packed houses.
SPONSORED BY: Clare Arts Office